Charging to Your Student Account

After reading the instructions below, fill out the Textbook Request Form.

  • Put in all your personal information on the top half of the form even if the order will be for local pick up.

  • Use the drop down to select that you would like any used books that are available.

  • Check the box if you would like to rent any textbooks that are available for rental.

  • Using your course schedule, put in all your course IDs and section IDs as follows:
    Course ID
    o ENG-105-VN01
    o MAT-157-OL01
    o PSY-111-FD02
    o BIO-173-VN02

  • Use the drop down to select if you want your books shipped to your home via UPS Ground ($18 shipping charge) OR held at the bookstore on the Fort Dodge campus for local pick up.

  • Use the comments box to let us know anything extra about your order.
    For example:
    o I already have my books for BIO-173.
    o I do not need the material for MAT-157.

  • Finish the form, complete the reCaptcha box at the bottom, and click submit.

  • Your order comes directly to us and there is NOT a confirmation email.

  • Orders will begin processing on Monday, August 1, 2022.

  • You will receive an electronic receipt in your Iowa Central email once your order has been processed and is ready to ship out OR pick up at the store, if you indicated local pick up.

***By completing the form and giving permission to charge to your student account, you are fully responsible for the payment of your items through your invoice from the business office. If you have financial aid that will be available, with extra remaining after tuition, housing, and fees, it can cover any textbook charges. Please note, ONLY required textbooks can be charged. Any other materials needed will have to wait until aid becomes available, or be paid for out of pocket.**

Textbook Request Form