Iowa Central Distance Learning Enrollment Form

FlexNet courses can be started at any time during a semester (except the last few weeks) as long as there is space available in the course.  Students must complete work by the end of the term, but course work is completed at their own pace.  Iowa Central also offers Online courses, which are more structured with weekly deadlines.  Enrollment is only allowed at the beginning of the semester.

If you have not completed an application, please submit the Distance Learning Application prior to completing this form. The Distance Learning Application is located on the right side of the page. This will speed up the enrollment and application process. Please fill out the following information to enroll yourself in any Online or FlexNet courses listed below.

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FlexNet Courses Offered
Remember, FlexNet courses do not have deadlines other than the end of term and enrollment period is more flexible.

ACC-111FN Introduction to Accounting
ADM-180FN Administrative Management
ANT-105FN Cultural Anthropology
ART-101FN Art Appreciation
BIO-102FN Introductory Biology
BIO-151FN Nutrition
BIO-168FN Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO-173FN Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BUS-102FN Introduction to Business
BUS-112FN Business Math
BUS-121FN Business Communication
BUS-130FN Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS-185FN Business Law I
BUS-186FN Business Law II
CHM-110FN Introduction to Chemistry
CHM-111FN Introduction to Chemistry Lab
CHM-130FN Introduction Organic and Biochemistry
CLS-167FN Understanding Cultures: Modern China
CRJ-100FN Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ-110FN Patrol Procedures
CRJ-120FN Introduction to Corrections
CRJ-141FN Criminal Investigation
CRJ-200FN Criminology
CRJ-201FN Juvenile Delinquency
CSC-110FN Introduction to Computers
ECN-120FN Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN-130FN Principles of Microeconomics
EDU-213FN Introduction to Education
EDU-255 Technology in the Classroom
ENG-025FN Basic Writing
ENG-101FN Elements of Writing
ENG-105FN Composition I
ENG-106FN Composition II
GEO-121FN World Regional Geography
HIS-112FN Western Civilization:  Ancient to Early Modern
HIS-113FN Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present
HIS-151FN U.S. History to 1877
HIS-152FN U.S. History Since 1877
HSC-113FN Medical Terminology
HSV-162FN Introduction Human Disabilities and Services
HSV-180FN Ethics for Human Service Professionals
HUM-113FN Exploring the Humanities
LIT-101FN Introduction to Literature
LIT-114FN American Literature
MAT-063FN Elementary Algebra
MAT-111FN Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MAT-157FN Statistics
MAT-158FN Statistics II
MGT-101FN Principles of Management
MKT-110FN Principles of Marketing
MMS-265FN Mass Communications Law
MUS-104FN Exploring Music
PEC-107FN Sports and Society
PEC-110FN Coaching Ethics Techniques and Theory
PEC-111FN Techniques and Theory of Coaching
PEC-115FN Athletic Development and Human Growth
PEC-121FN Body Structure and Function
PEC-123FN Anatomy for Coaching
PEC-127FN Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
PEH-185FN Contemporary Health Issues
PHI-101FN Introduction to Philosophy
PHI-145FN Introduction to Ethical Conflict
POL-111FN American National Government
POL-112FN American State and Local Government
PSY-111FN Introduction to Psychology
PSY-112FN Psychology of Human Relations
PSY-121FN Developmental Psychology
PSY-222 Child Psychology
PSY-224 Adolescent Psychology
PSY-241FN Abnormal Psychology
PSY-251FN Social Psychology
PSY-281FN Educational Psychology
REL-105FN Introduction to Religion
SDV-116FN Strategies for Online Academic Success
SOC-110FN Introduction to Sociology
SOC-115FN Social Problems
SOC-120FN Marriage & Family
SOC-130FN Introduction to Gerontology
SOC-140FN Human Behavior in the Social Environment
SOC-150FN Introduction to Human Services
SOC-200FN Minority Group Relations
SPC-112FN Public Speaking

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